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Prepare a perfect QDRO In-House every time




The Future of QDROs Has Arrived

Need a QDRO? . . .

Need a QDRO? . . .

Need a QDRO? . . .

There's an APP for that!

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So Simple . . .

Your Staff Can Prepare the QDRO

Unparalleled support for you and your staff. Every question has detailed instructions and explanation. Trained support staff available to answer every question. QDRO CHAT  answers any question in real time. QDRO  UNIVERSITY contains articles and videos explaining a multitude of QDRO topics.

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Pay Only for What You Need

Does this make sense to you?

Your staff creates a pleading. Your staff creates  a heading for the pleading. 

Your firm outsources preparation of the QDRO.

Your staff tells the QDRO preparer how to duplicate the heading that the staff created.  The QDRO preparer then charges your firm to put the heading (which your staff created, not the QDRO preparer) into your QDRO.

What value has the QDRO preparer contributed? None

Doesn't it make more sense for you or your staff to put the heading in the QDRO yourself, and not pay the QDRO preparer to do it?

We've identified a number of additional areas where you can ditch 20th century technology, leverage your staff,  and make QDRO preparation easier, faster, and cheaper.

Using Mobile Phones


QDROS On Demand was created by divorce lawyers for divorce lawyers. QDROS On Demand is restricted to law firms and their verified clients. The software is not available to pro se parties. To use QDRO Apps, the law firm must register on the site with a state bar identification number.

The purpose of QDRO Apps is to enable any law firm stakeholder, whether attorney, staff, or even client to confidently draft a perfect QDRO in 30 minutes or less, every time, in-house, without out-sourcing.

The perfect QDRO is delivered to the law firm immediately.

QDRO Apps is fully functional in beta testing mode.  If you would like a real-time demonstration, please drop us a line at

Our Projects



There are almost one million retirement plans in the United States. Your firm could be called upon to draft a QDRO for any of them. Our mission is to provide you with a QDRO APP for all of them


Develop Database

We are close to finalizing our database of all retirement plans in the USA. Each QDRO APP will have the name of the Plan and the contact information for the plan administrator.


QDRO APP University

Education is the reason you can be confident that your staff can prepare a QDRO  Each QDRO APP contains specific instructions that explain every question that is asked.

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