Case Studies

Hays County Retired Judge Escaped His Lawyer's QDRO Mistake


Imagine the look on Judge Anthony Conrad Bellchamp's face at his retirement party.

His wife of fifteen years pulled him aside.

"Judith [... Judge Bellchamp's ex-wife]  called. She  sends her regrets that she can't attend the retirement party. She also wanted to tell you that she applied for your TCDRS* retirement.

It's a nightmare. But you're not dreaming. 

"She said she gets it all. Is that true?

"Wait. There's more. She said she gets all of the ERS** retirement, too. And, apparently, you named her irrevocable beneficiary for every penny in both retirements.

"What are we going to do?."

*Texas County & District Retirement System

**Employees Retirement System of Texas

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