When Only An Expert Will Do

Lawyers Rely on Judge Stephen Hernsberger

Who We Are

We are a full-service Texas law firm, led by a former Texas Divorce Court Judge. We focus on preventing and solving problems associated with dividing retirement in a divorce.

What We Do

We prepare QDROs. We review QDROs. We fix QDROs. We litigate QDROs. We consult on QDROs. We testify as expert witnesses on QDROs. We work with lawyers, We work with non-lawyers.

Where We Work

We serve lawyers and non-lawyer clients all across Texas from our home office in Austin, as well our additional offices in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and El Paso.

What We Charge

We offer a wide range of payment solutions for lawyers and non-lawyers alike. Flat fee, Contingency fees. Partial contingency fees, And traditional retainer based hourly rates.

We Draft Perfect QDROS

Attorney Prepared

  • Judge Hernsberger personally prepares every QDRO that leaves our office.

Three Day Turnaround

  • No need to order Rush Delivery. All of our QDROs are Rush Delivery.

Law Firm Discount

  • Significant discount from our regular price for law firms who work directly with us.

Guaranteed Approval

  • We are proud of our documented 99.59% approval rate on first submission

Assured Quality

  • Every QDRO must pass our rigorous 10 step "mistake-proof" review.

Word Or .PDF Versions

  • We'll deliver your QDRO directly to your email address or to your mailbox.


Hernsberger Law Firm is the only state-wide, full-time, full-service law firm in Texas dedicated exclusively to the law of dividing retirements in divorce. We call it QDRO law.


We have one mission. All day. Every day. Solve QDRO problems. That's all we do. All the time.


We don't just draft QDROs. We solve QDRO problems. Wherever and whenever we find them. During the divorce​. After the divorce. QDRO problems caused by mistakes. Or ignorance of the  law. QDRO problems caused by a spouse, a lawyer, a Judge, or a Plan Administrator.


We've assembled a highly trained, specialized team of QDRO problem solvers. We continue to invest in cutting edge technology in order to solve your QDRO problem more effectively and at less cost. Video technology. Digital technology. Database technology. Communications technology.


We invented the concept of a state-wide law firm dedicated solely to solving QDRO problems anywhere in Texas. We combine digital technology and communication with multiple local offices allowing us to provide legal representation and expert witness testimony in every county in Texas.


​​It's been estimated that there are tens of thousands of defective QDROs floating around just in the state of Texas.  Some of them are 30 years old, or more. Sadly, new defective QDROs are still being added every day.

But these tens of thousands of defective QDROs are not just problems. They are ticking time bombs waiting to explode and destroy a lot of Texan's financial security. A lot of people are getting hurt. A lot of lawyers are scrambling for solutions with a wary eye on the legal malpractice implications.

If you're one of them, either client or lawyer, it doesn't have to be like that. We can help.

  • ​​Maybe you haven't received the money from the 401K the Judge awarded you.
  • Or maybe you have a pension that was divided and your former spouse is receiving more money than he or she should.
  • Or maybe a QDRO was never prepared and you're wondering if it's too late to submit one.
  • Or maybe a QDRO was prepared, the Judge signed it, but the Plan Administrator did not approve it.
  • Or maybe your QDRO problem is the result of a thousand other things that can go wrong in the QDRO approval process.

We'll figure out what went wrong with your QDRO and we'll fix it. It's that simple.

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