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Are you wrestling with a QDRO problem?

Let's talk about it. There is a way forward. We'll help you find it.

Meet with Judge Hernsberger in a one on one session to discuss any QDRO problem you're facing. And there is no need to come to our office. Meet with us from anywhere. Just call our office and we'll set up a live video or telephone conference at your convenience.

Appointments are available in 30 minute increments for $150 and 60 minute increments for $300.

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​QDRO Preparation

Your client can't get the money without a QDRO.

We can help. ​

Judge Hernsberger has prepared and reviewed tens of thousands of QDROs . . . from the bench and in private practice as a board certified specialist in family law. We're proud that over 96% of the QDROs we've prepared have been approved on the first submission to the Plan Administrator.

Trust our experts to prepare your QDRO for a one-time, flat fee of $600.

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consulting expert

Some problems in a family law practice are just too big to tackle alone.

We'll attack that problem with you.

With decades of experience, research, and courtroom battles behind us, chances are we've already helped solve that problem for another lawyer. There's no need to reinvent the wheel.

Our rates for consulting with law firms on existing cases are $300 per hour, billed to your office monthly, as we provide the service.

Don't fly solo. Call our office today at 832-365-3652 .


testifying expert

Albert Einstein once said that "everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Judge Hernsberger is an expert in QDRO law. But that subject matter expertise, alone, does not qualify him to testify in your case.

Judge Hernsberger is also an expert in explaining the complexities of QDRO law simply and clearly, skillfully telling stories and interweaving metaphor and analogy in everyday language that everyone in the courtroom understands..

You're the lawyer. Let Judge Hernsberger be the explainer with testimony that's always simple. Never simplistic.

Judge Hernsberger's rate is $300 per hour with a minimum $3,000 initial retainer.

Call Judge Hernsberger today.


QDRO Review

Lots of lawyers and non-lawyers alike prepare QDROs. Sometimes they're right. Sometimes they're wrong.

But you're uncomfortable putting your client at risk like that.

Call us. We have a solution.

We'll review the QDRO for a one-time, flat fee of $400. The QDRO may be perfect. If it is, we'll tell you. The QDRO may just need some simple tweaks that you or opposing counsel can do yourselves. We'll tell you that, too.

And if the QDRO needs to be rewritten. We'll tell you. If you want, we'll draft a new QDRO for you for an additional $200. Your total cost will be $600, just as if you'd asked us to draft it correctly the first time.

Don't put your clients at risk. Call our office today at 832-365-3652 .

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